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New Voice Services from bestmeasurement.com

During the delivery of his representational and training services, it was remarked, especially by people for whom English is not their first language, that Trevor’s voice was easily understood and liked by delegates.  He speaks slowly and clearly with a British English voice, showing no appreciable regional accent.

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Following the outbreak of the Virus and the resultant cancellation of physical meetings, this “voice-over” service has been developed into a variety of offerings:

Standard Voiceover Service

Send your advertisement, article, video or powerpoint presentation together with a written translation of the spoken words.  A free fee quotation for supplying   a re-voiced version will be given.  This service includes minor rephrasing into standard spoken English where unused wording, inaccurate or archaic constructions have been supplied.

Advanced Service

As with the Standard Voice-over Service, but send your material with just a machine translated text or approximate translation and you will be supplied  with an initial draft for correction, revised drafts as necessary and a final polished file in any chosen format.  For this service we would have a dialogue about the tone or style you desire.  English words written on Powerpoint presentations may be enhanced for you and you will be guided about style and content to be aimed at a British market.

Ad-hoc Service
Any elements of the above services can be supplied at prices to suit.  Please enquire.
Typical Tasks

Trevor will read your script in standard British English using high quality audio and send it to you as a .wav, .mp3 file or other requested format.

What might this be used for?
Publicity Material
E-learning Modules
Training Courses

Who might wish for these services?


Suppliers of goods or services where English is not their first language

Advertisers appealing to advanced, educated, internationally minded clientele

Those seeking the incorporation of some British English aspect into their offering

Desirable or not, English is now the most useful language especially amongst young people worldwide, regardless of native tongue, to communicate with each other.  To take advantage of this fact, you may need to express your work in English.    British English rather than American  appears to be considered more credible!

Use it

To give a British influence to your work.

To appeal and be understood internationally

British clients may also use these services where they might wish to avoid a strong regional accent for a particular application

LIVE Services

Conducted using Adobe Connect, MS Teams, Skype, Zoom or similar

Your material presented in real time, meetings chaired, discussions moderated, all in standard British English

Some bestmeasurement.com services may be available in Russian and other languages

Мы рады сделать некоторые из услуг bestmeasurement.com доступными на русском, румынском, польском или немецком языках.
 Пожалуйста, спросите об этом.


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