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The bestmeasurement.com offering includes the following services, by visit or by web,

mostly delivered by Trevor, suitable for laboratories, users and specifiers of measurement work:


Good Practice Training for measurement staff and managers (ISO 17025, Internal Audit. QA Measures, Uncertainty of Measurement)

Design of calibration regimes

Documentation of Test and Calibration Procedures

Preparation for Accreditation or Certification - Pre-assessment visits and advice, Internal Audits

Uncertainty Budgeting

Decision Rules for Conformity Assessment (Pass/Fail Criteria)

Confidential complaint and non-compliance investigation and correction

Advice and liaison with Regulators, Accreditation Bodies and Customers

Facilitation and analysis of inter-laboratory comparisons

Relationship guidance on European Accreditation (EA) and International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) requirements

Introduction of Risk and Opportunity basis into management systems (preventative and proactive action, modern approach)

Some work may also be delivered in Russian, and other languages using real fluent live good technical trainers at small extra cost


Некоторые работы также могут быть выполнены на русском и других языках с использованием
действительно свободно владеющих живыми хорошими техническими преподавателями за небольшую
дополнительную плату.