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In addition to consultancy work which, of course, remains confidential, Trevor writes articles for journals and magazines,

mainly about ISO/IEC 17025 and he delivers training.

Here are a selection of recent works that are in the public domain:


2022 Trevor's presentation on "Choosing a Calibration Provider", part of an NPL/BMTA event -  whole event

2022 "What is Traceability?  Why might I need it?

2022 Trevor's Institute of Measurement and Control "Precision" journal article about applying 17025 in universities and colleges

2021 British Measurement and Testing Association (BMTA)  Article on QA Measures

2021 InstMC Precision Dec 21 "Calibration Systems...17025 and/or 10012"

2021 UKAS "Introduction to Measurement Uncertainty"  New course 1 day by Trevor, please mention Best Measurement if booking

"Ask Trevor"  Advert in Wire Newsletter

InstMC Precision Magazine Sep 2020 Accreditation Corner "Precision and Accuracy"

InstMC Precision Magazine  June 2020  Accreditation Corner, "Some Confusing Terms"

UKAS  - Meet the Trainer - Trevor Thompson

2020 UKAS - ISO/IEC 17025 Awareness Course Prospectus

2020 UKAS ISO/IEC 17025 Hotspots Advertisement  (please mention bestmeasurement.com if attending)

InstMC Precision Magazine 13th 2019  "Is ISO/IEC 17025:2017 really different?"

International Congress of Metrology 2019, Paris

Is ISO 9001 good for calibration labs?  UKAS Brochure

See UKAS Training Courses, (please mention bestmeasurement.com if attending)




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