G6EQP    M3EQP   A4473                                                 


Very keen on amateur radio and rf construction projects as a teenager, G6EQP is now rarely heard on the amateur bands.  Trevor also holds the licence M3EQP

He operates from Dorking, Surrey, England and also in the Wye Valley on the Welsh border.  He now offers consultancy services as www.bestmeasurement.com, after recently retiring from The United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) where he was responsible as Head of Electrical, Physical and Thermal Laboratories for the management of accredited measurement laboratories.   

Previously he was a Principal Scientific Officer with the UK's Department of Trade and Industry (now BEIS) at the National Physical Laboratory, Teddington prior to privatisation.

His main technical interests are antennas and propagation, accurate measurement, testing and calibration,  laboratory accreditation (ISO 17025)  vintage electro-mechanics, vintage radio and amplification equipment, and old telephones.  He offers a repair and refurbishment service for valve operated jukeboxes, transmitters  and similar vintage equipment.

Trevor may be contacted at g6eqp@qsl.net